Dave Koz-founded label had been with RED.

Los Angeles-based Rendezvous Entertainment has switched to Fontana Distribution. Rendezvous, founded by smooth jazz artist Dave Koz, had been with the Sony BMG-owned RED Distribution for the past three years.

Fontana, the independent distribution arm of UMVD, will begin servicing Rendezvous releases on June 1. Rendezvous co-founder Hyman Katz says he met with a number of distributors, including Koch Entertainment and the recently-formed Icon Music Entertainment Services.

Katz says he ultimately chose Fontana because he wanted a distributor that was also based in Los Angeles. Additionally, he cited Fontana’s pick-up last year of Mannheim Steamroller’s American Gramaphone as evidence that the company was serious about working the adult market.

“Independents are just in a unique position to understand that the adult audience is a longer developing audience,” Katz says. “The fans are loyal and they take longer to identify sometimes, but they’re being underserved. When they’re presented with quality, they really respond.”

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