Organizers say bird flu 'no threat' to July 8-9 event.

Organizers of Scotland's annual T In The Park have played-down fears that the July 8-9 festival would be pulled this year due to a "bird flu" scare.

The British government this week reported the first U.K. case of "bird flu" or Avian Influenza after a dead swan, found to have been infected with the H5N1 virus, was discovered in Cellardyke harbor in eastern Scotland, about 35 miles from the festival’s site in Kindross. T In The Park is situated nearby to a poultry farm housing thousands of chickens.

Since the finding, government officials have erected a 1.8 mile protection zone around Cellardyke harbor to halt the movement of poultry.

"As avian influenza is a disease of birds not humans (it is extremely rare for it to be passed to humans), we can confirm there is no threat of the event being cancelled or moved," organizers said in a message posted on event's official Web site.

The memo went on to say that the situation was being monitored closely, in liaison with the relevant agricultural and governmental authorities.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Who are the respective headliners of the two-day T In The Park bill. Others booked to appear include Franz Ferdinand, the Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs and the Arctic Monkeys.

DF Concerts, one of the Britain's leading concert promoters, established the event in 1994. Last year's festival sold out its 69,000 daily capacity in just four days.