Set biggest gross in history of Mexico.

Luis Miguel’s 30-show engagement at Auditorio Nacional Jan. 18-Feb. 27 grossed $19.3 million and drew 267,528 fans, believed to be the biggest gross in the history of Mexico and certainly one of the top indoor grosses of all time. It also broke Miguel’s 25-show run at the venue in 2004.

The Mexico City stand, promoted by Mexican promoter Showtime de Mexico, wrapped a 51-date tour of Mexico that is also believed to be a national record.

“This is pretty astounding,” Peter Grosslight, worldwide head of music for the William Morris Agency, tells “The whole tour was also precedent-setting in Mexico in that it played the major cities in Mexico City, Guadalajra and Monterey, but we also played 14 other provincial cities, and played them for the most part in stadium venues with the type of production that any major contemporary artist would use anywhere around the world. And the logistics of doing that has never been done in Mexico, with three stages and two roofs leap-frogging.”

The tour started in the U.S. and then played Argentina, Chile and Urguay Sept.-December. “It has to be the largest tour by a Latin artist in the history of the music business,” says Grosslight.

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