Claims to have largest online video library.

Sweden-based Musicbrigade, the pan-European music-video download service that claims to have the biggest licensed online music-video library, has opened its first fully-staffed international office in the United Kingdom.

The move into the British market by the subscription-funded service also earmarks the company’s ambitions to enter the audio digital download sector and to open more international offices.

Launched in Stockholm in 1999 before downloadable and streamed videos went mainstream, Musicbrigade has a catalog of more than 13,000 music videos available via sites in 11 major European markets.

“We’ve decided to expand internationally because the penetration of broadband Internet and 3G (third generation) mobile phones, which are needed to download videos more easily, have started to grow across Europe. It used to be only the Scandinavians that had a descent infrastructure,” said Simon Gooch, Musicbrigade’s senior VP. “We are also starting with the U.K. market because the best way to reach content owners is in London, where the European labels are based.”

Musicbrigade will charge £7.99 ($15.02) a month in the United Kingdom for streamed videos.

The next countries likely to see dedicated Musicbrigade offices before the year ends are France and Germany, Gooch said.

He also admits the confidence to expand has been inspired by the incredible success of YouTube, the rapidly growing U.S. community-focused video Web portal.

Moreover, the demand for downloadable video by 3G mobile-phone carriers and wireless digital services such as Apple Computer’s iTunes has also confirmed the validity of Musicbrigade’s original vision in 1999. It currently supplies licensed videos to wireless carriers ‘3’ and Telenor Group in Scandinavia.

Also on Musicbrigade’s future agenda is to start selling audio. “Our overall ambition is to be a one-stop portal for all kinds of music entertainment,” Gooch adds.