Tracks online, mobile sales in real time.

French music industry trade body SNEP and its members have agreed to adopt Easy Rights, a new digital transactions tool that allows users to track and report the online and mobile sales of full-track downloads and ringtones in real time.

The tool— which was developed by U.K. music monitoring company Yacast Limited—has been tested by French producers during the past year and should be fully implemented within the industry by September.

"Today, major companies are facing enormous difficulties in handling reporting from numerous digital distributors," says Jean-Michel Grapin, CEO of U.K. music monitoring company Yacast Limited, which developed Easy Rights. "All we do is provide them with a tool as effective as the one that they use in the physical world."

"Full-track download is now as important on mobile as it is on the internet; it was really urgent for us to have the means to handle them correctly," says SNEP director general Hervé Rony.

Rony says Easy Rights will allow SNEP and IFOP, official compiler of France’s music sales charts, to improve their downloads sales charts (which currently do not include mobile transactions).

The two partners plan to launch a ringtones chart in the near future, thanks to the implementation of Easy Rights.

The tracking of on-demand streamed music from subscription stores is also on its way.