ISPs willing to disconnect file-sharing offenders.

U.K. music industry association BPI said today (July 12) it welcomed indications that British Internet service providers Tiscali and Cable & Wireless will suspend the accounts of serial illegal file-sharers.

The industry trade body wrote a letter to the two ISPs on July 10 with information on the copyright infringing activities by 59 of their subscribers.

The BPI asked Tiscali to take out an injunction against those suspected of illegally sharing music files.

Tiscali, however, pointed out that U.K. data-protection law required the BPI to obtain a court order before it could proceed with the account closures.

"We don't feel that is a problem. And we are also sending Tiscali the detailed evidence for the other 16 (Tiscali) copyright infringers. Our initial move was more a plea for the ISP's cooperation," the BPI spokesperson explained.

Meanwhile, Richard Ayres, a Tiscali representative appeared on a U.K. national TV network yesterday (July 11) and commented on the one account for which the BPI has provided ample evidence. "We have contacted them (an account holder) and given them seven days to explain what they're doing, or we will absolutely be following up with the suspension," he said.

And specifically addressing the music industry, Ayres added on TV: "Come to us, give us the details and we'll absolutely work with you, and we'll work through this as we do with the police and the Internet Watch Foundation (the organization that polices child pornography)."

C&W has issued a statement saying it will "close any accounts that were used for illegal file-sharing."

Peter Jamieson, BPI's chairman, remarked: "Just about every ISP makes it a condition in its terms of service that using an Internet connection for copyright infringement is grounds for termination. We welcome indications that Tiscali and C&W will enforce those terms and conditions."