Kicks off Sept. 12 in Philadelphia.

The Who will kick off a fall North American tour Sept. 12 in Philadelphia. Seventeen dates for the outing were announced today (July 13) by the Who's Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey via satellite from Berlin. The duo also performed acoustic versions of the new song "Mike Post Theme" and the classic "Won't Get Fooled Again."

The group is planning on sprinkling in a handful of special shows, which Townshend said could include complete performances of such rock operas as "Tommy" or "Quadrophenia." Some dates may also be held in smaller venues.

As previously reported, 40 rarities are in consideration for the tour set list, although Townshend noted, "We may find other ways to do this stuff, like on a webcast."

The tour will coincide with the release of the Who's first new album since 1982's "It's Hard," which is tentatively titled "Who 2" and will be released Oct. 23 internationally. In addition to "Mike Post Theme," the set is expected to feature the song "Man in a Purple Dress," which Townshend likened to "a Bob Dylan song from the early days."

"Pete's music, for me, is still a driving force in my life," Daltrey said, adding that the new songs have "the Townshend magic."

After the North American tour wraps in December, the Who will make its first-ever appearance in South American in early 2007, followed by visits to the Far East, Australia and, in late spring, Europe.

The tour is being produced by CPI's Michael Cohl, who is currently producing the Rolling Stones Bigger Bang tour—projected to be the top-grossing tour in history—and the upcoming Barbra Streisand trek.