Promotion was spearheaded by ad agency R/GA.

Verizon is extending its "Richer, Deeper, Broader" campaign with the just-launched Verizon Beatbox Mixer. The interactive video and music tool, located on Verizon's broadband portal,, allows music enthusiasts to create, collaborate on, and then share their "productions" with others.

The site was created by New York-based ad agency R/GA, whose group account director Richard Marks calls the platform a "non-linear video music mixer" that encompasses "a music video, a videogame and a drum machine."

Visitors to the site can blend up to three pre-recorded tracks of music to create their own personalized mix, which can be saved and shared. The pre-recorded, digital tracks --or beats -- were produced by five leading beatboxers: Rahzel of the Roots, Butterscotch, Click, Masai Electro and Max B. New York-based beatboxer Baba Israel is the voice of the tour guide on the Beatbox Mixer back story.

The strategy behind the Beatbox Mixer is to highlight the real-time impact of the broadband experience, and to showcase how broadband can help people experience and discover music and entertainment, notes Verizon director of online center of excellence Brian Price.

According to Marks, beatboxing -- as opposed to other styles of music - -was appealing to its client, Verizon, because it is not over-exposed. "Pop and rock-n-roll are everywhere," he says. "For many people, beatboxing is a new genre of music."

In addition to a forthcoming ringtone, Verizon and R/GA will launch, in the coming weeks, offline initiatives to compliment the "Richer, Deeper, Broader" campaign.