Allows indie artists to sell music on Web sites.

Snocap has quietly rolled out a new technology that allows independent artists to sell music through Myspace and other Web sites. At least one band with a MySpace page is selling tracks in the MP3 format through the site using Snocap’s solution.

Vanity Label/Nettwerk act The Format is among the bands testing the technology. Visitors to can buy MP3s from the album “Dog Problems” for 79 cents a track. Consumers must register for accounts with Snocap and Paypal before they can purchase songs.

San Francisco-based Snocap is the digital distribution services company from Napster creator Shawn Fanning. The company was orignally launched with the goal of providing commerce solutions to peert-to-peer networks. However, as legitimization of the P2P world has been slow to evolve, Snocap has been looking to other ways to enable commerce among indie acts and viral Web communities.

Snocap declined comment.