Trade group: allow shoppers to have seamless experience.

Like many other sectors, the National Assn. of Recording Merchandisers is pushing for the entertainment software industry to achieve digital rights management compatibility so that shoppers can enjoy a seamless experience when consuming music digitally.

“As long as there are incompatible DRM systems and standards, it will be difficult to satisfy consumer expectations,” the trade group said in a statement issued by its board of directors.

Althought the press release doesn't list any DRM or player by name, currently, the dominance of the iPod is frustrating most other retailers as Apple will not license its DRM and its player won’t recognize other digital rights management systems.

The NARM Board statement says, “If DRM compatibility cannot be achieved, we urge the content and hardware communities to actively investigate innovative new alternatives to curent DRM.” The organization is further suggesting that retail work with entertainment and technology industries to seek reasonable solutions that will "benefit everyone involved, most importantly the consumers.”

Otherwise, if consumers are discouraged by compatibility constraints and conflicts, NARM projects that shoppers might get their music through illegal options, instead of through legitimate digital outlets.

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