Tickets bought with stolen credit card.

More than one thousand tickets to Barbra Streisand's upcoming national concert tour that were fraudulently purchased from Ticketmaster using stolen credit card information have been invalidated, the ticketing leader says.

These invalid tickets have turned up for sale on various Internet resale sites.

The tour's national promoter, Michael Cohl, Ticketmaster and Streisand manager Marty Erlichman cautioned consumers today (Aug. 29) that these fraudulently purchased and invalidated tickets purchased from unauthorized resellers will not allow the ticket holder to gain admission to the venue on the night of the show.

A list of the Streisand tickets that have been cancelled to date is available for reference on at

Ticketmaster president/COO Sean Moriarty says Ticketmaster is working closely with law enforcement to identify the source of this fraud and "prosecute to the full extent of the law."