Short film aims to educate students on copyright issues.

As trade groups criticize a RIAA-prepped educational video on copyright law as misleading and factually inaccurate, the music industry body is defending the short film and responding to critics.

"This is predictable and further exposes their out-of-the-mainstream views," an RIAA representative says of the trade groups' assertions. "First, we were told we should not enforce our rights. Now we are told education is wrong too. We won't accept such a do-nothing approach."

Consumer Electronics Assn. senior VP of government affairs, Michael Petricone, had said the video contains "outright lies," and pointed to fair use and Creative Commons laws to counter some of the video's claims on sharing, copying and downloading.

The video, which can be found at, is intended for educational use at colleges and universities. In it, the narrator states that if a user is downloading for free, he or she is most likely breaking a law and strongly advises individuals not to participate in illegal or free file sharing.

The RIAA says 425 higher education institutions have requested the video already.