Society aims to protect show organizers.

A new royalties collecting society—Verwertungsgesellschaft Veranstalterrechte e.V.—was unveiled by German concert promoters today (Sept. 20) at the Popkomm trade show in Berlin.

The new collecting society, in partnership with existing collecting societies, aims to ensure that concert promoters obtain a reasonable share of the benefits resulting from live performances.

Members of the association are the promoters’ organization Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft (idkv) in Hamburg, concert promoters Bremen-based CTS Eventim AG, Berlin’s Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG), Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur in Frankfurt, plus the promoter organization Verband der Konzertdirektionen Deutschland (VdKD) e.V. in Munich.

The attorney Dr. Johannes Ulbricht, of Hamburg-based Michow Rechtsanwälte, was elected chairman of the new association’s management board. This management board also includes Michael Bisping, A.S.S. Concerts’ managing director; Frank Maass, DEAG’s managing director; and idkv president Jens Michow.

"Although concert organizers make a significant contribution to the development of new artists and other innovative processes in music and the theater, to date they have hardly harvested any of the long-term fruit of their work,” says Dr. Johannes Ulbricht about new collecting society. "The aim of the society is to ensure an economic reward for organizers in return for the risk they take in putting innovative art on the stage,” Ulbricht.