To be initially broadcast via broadband on Web.

Tim Renner, the former Chairman/ CEO of Universal Deutschland, and now owner of the online radio station Motor FM in Berlin, launched an Internet-delivered television music channel at Popkomm on Wednesday (Sept. 20).

Motor TV will initially be broadcast via broadband Internet in Berlin, and also on mobile-phone TV via the wireless broadcast technology TV DVB-H.

"A quarter of a century after the foundation of MTV, it’s now time for a new program for innovative music clips", said Renner, who established Motor FM in Berlin two years ago. The radio station can be received via the Internet nationally, as well as via VHF frequency in Berlin, Brandenburg and Stuttgart.

As with the radio operation, Motor TV online viewers can download individual song tracks for an average price of 99 euro cents (US $1.26), Renner said. The TV service station is being financed by advertising and shares in revenues from download sales.

"In the case of Motor TV, the focus is on the video clip—there are neither American shows nor ringtone advertising,” Renner explained. “The clips shown will be mainly of new bands, focusing on alternative rock and indie pop. Unlike the Internet portal YouTube, the videos sent in by the bands to Motor TV the will be selected by editors." Additionally, users can vote on the individual video clips via the Motor TV Web site.

Renner did not say whether Motor TV will also be broadcast via cable or satellite in the future.

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