Nonprofit GSN is seeking more events for stadium network.

The Gridiron Stadium Network (GSN) has brought on Jeff Apregan, president of Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Apregan Group, as a consultant.

Apregan, who has worked in the live entertainment business for more than 25 years, will work with the GSN as an advocate to identify new business opportunities. He will assist promoters and agencies to develop events, including concerts, motor sports, festivals and corporate functions, according to an official release.

"GSN venues are open and ready for business," Apregan tells "We're excited about the opportunity to help secure concerts and incremental events for our venues and, in turn, to have the benefit of each facility utilizing their abundant marketing resources to help assure the success of each individual event."

The GSN is comprised of nine NFL stadiums and two recently added Major League Soccer stadiums. The nonprofit organization, which launched last year, is designed to raise awareness of its members' facilities with hopes of attracting more events.

The organization has already proven a boost to stadiums. Detroit's Ford Field and Seattle's Qwest Field hosted successful Kenny Chesney dates this summer.

Earlier this month, former GSN director Pamela Fallon told she would be stepping down from the position to pursue a new job opportunity.