Top six albums unchanged.

A system failure at a significant chain made it impossible for data from that company's stores to be included when Nielsen SoundScan processed the sales charts that were released Sept. 28 on and The missing data was subsequently transmitted to SoundScan, which in turn reprocessed the charts to better reflect sales for the tracking week that ended Sept. 24.

In the original batch of sales charts, SoundScan extrapolated from chains that were able to report to compensate for the missing data. Because this extrapolation was based on the overall composition of chain strata sales, and could not account for the specific title assortment at the particular retailer, the revised charts reflect new sales totals and subsequent changes in rank.

The top six albums on The Billboard 200 remain the same as the order of the chart's original version, but there are changes in rank on every album chart except for Top Internet Albums and Top Digital Albums.

Most of Billboard's singles charts -- including the Billboard Hot 100, Pop 100 and Hot R&B Hip-Hop Songs -- remain unchanged. The only singles charts affected -- Hot Singles Sales, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales and Hot Dance Single Sales -- have been revised.

Top Music Videos and Top Comprehensive Music Videos have also been revised, but the rest of our video charts are unaffected because those lists reflect a different sales week than the one measured by Billboard's music charts.

For all affected charts, last-week ranks in next week's lists will reflect the revised standings, rather than those posted here Sept. 28, or published in the Billboard dated Oct. 7.

All correct charts will be available later this weekend on and