Snoop Dogg footage available from Nov. 20.

Live digital content provider Control Room and Universal Music Group (UMG) have put together a master framework that will streamline the process for live performances by UMG artists transmitted by Control Room.

Under this agreement, Control Room will be able to create and distribute live programming for artists signed under UMG's affiliate and partner labels without having to negotiate rights individually for each show.

"This deal was initiated and completed as a means to better work with artists under the UMG family of labels," Aaron Grosky, EVP of music and programming for Control Room, tells

"The framing agreement simplifies the licensing process and creates a unified standard for all live content distribution deals," Grosky continues. "With the agreement, Control Room will no longer have to negotiate rights with the label on a one-off basis for every single show that we do with a UMG artist. This agreement allows us to quickly move through the label-side business and work directly with the artists to arrange capture and distribution of their content."

In the inaugural performance under the agreement, Control Room, in conjunction with MSN, will present Geffen Records' artist Snoop Dogg in concert, available on MSN beginning Nov. 20. The performance, captured at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, will stream over MSN's global network the day before the release of Snoop's much-anticipated album, "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment."

Live performances by UMG artists will be captured and transmitted across Control Room's multi-platform distribution network, including MSN, DIRECTV, QUALCOMM MediaFLO and various other partners internationally.

Control Room was founded in July of 2005 by its CEO Kevin Wall, who was fresh off producing Live 8 at the time. Initially, the company was known as Network Live and operated in joint venture with AOL, XM Satellite Radio, and AEG. In September, Wall acquired full control of the year-old company and renamed it Control Room. Its programming has been exclusively distributed through Microsoft's MSN since Oct. 2.