Luis Jimenez, host of New York's No. 1 morning show, "El Vacilon de la Manana," on SBS's WSKQ, has signed with Univision Radio, show producer Alma Jimenez confirmed to R&R. Luis Jimenez's contract with SBS is over at the end of 2006.

No word on whether Jimenez's sidekick Moonshadow will join him on his new venture, but the other show members -- Tony "El Tiburon" Sanchez, Noel "Boca Chula" Hernandez, Francis Mendez, Aneudis "DJ Chucky" Rosado, Leo "Papi Chulo" Amador, Jerpis "El Chino" Correa and Deibi "Shorty" Perez -- have reportedly signed to continue at SBS.

Jimenez is said to feel "betrayed" that his morning show team signed with SBS, but also "pumped and excited" about his new show and a new beginning.

Jimenez is no longer on the air at WSKQ, and his new show on Univision will air in several markets upon its debut, but will not air in New York until 2008, said Alma Jimenez. "But he may possibly do something on TV in New York," she said.

No word yet on who will take over as host of "El Vacilon de la Manana" at WSKQ.