Mexican rock-rap band Molotov announced its breakup earlier this week on its Web site. The group's bassist blamed debts to Universal Music Mexico in an interview with the El Universal newspaper.

"We're in debt to our label, the only way to sell albums is through piracy, and that screwed us," Micky Huidobro was quoted as saying. "As a band it's better for us to break up."

Molotov's breakup announcement was later removed from its Web site. Robert Lear, Universal Music Mexico VP of marketing and A&R, would not confirm if a debt to the label had caused the band's disintegration.

"It's a decision of theirs whether they break up or not, and we as a record label support them in whatever decision they make," Lear tells "We are happy to support them in whatever individual projects they do, or as Molotov together."

Universal has released "Muchachitos de Porra," Huidobro's tribute album to the Pumas soccer team, as well as an album by the group Bengala. That album was co-produced by Molotov members Paco Ayala and Tito Fuentes with Cafe Tacvba's Meme.