Joel Madden says that "we wanted to kind of reinvent Good Charlotte a little bit" on the band's fourth album, "Good Morning Revival."

Of course, some might say that goes against the ain't broke/don't fix it rule.

Formed by Madden and his twin brother, guitarist Benji, 12 years ago in Waldorf, Md., Good Charlotte established an alternative rock presence on its self-titled first album in 2000, then became a star concern with "The Young and the Hopeless." That 2002 album sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, spent 95 weeks on The Billboard 200 and launched the hits "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "Girls and Boys" and "The Anthem."

Some term its follow-up,"The Chronicles of Life and Death," a failure—despite platinum sales in the United States and another million copies around the world. But the fact remains that Good Charlotte has sold about 9 million albums, which hardly speaks of a need for an overhaul.

But Madden says the band—which also includes guitarist/keyboardist Billy Martin, bassist Paul Thomas and drummer Dean Butterworth—felt driven to make "Good Morning Revival," due out March 27 on Daylight/Epic Records, "another leap forward in what we can do."

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