For the first time in the Nielsen SoundScan era, each of the top five regional Mexican albums exceeded sales of 10,000 copies last week.

Also, in a first for the genre since June 2004, the releases swept the top five slots on Billboard's Latin albums chart.

"Recio, Recio Mis Creadorez," the debut from Los Creadorez (Disa), led the pack with 26,000 copies. "Lobo Domesticado," a posthumously released studio album from the late Valentin Elizalde (Universal), sold 20,000; Elizalde's previous album, "Vencedor," moved 12,000. "El Amor Que Nunca Fue" from Conjunto Primavera (Fonovisa), shifted 11,000 and Diana Reyes' "Te Voy a Mostrar" (Universal) sold 10,000.

All are sold by Universal Music Group Distribution and were released Jan. 30, with the exception of "Vencedor," the April 2006 album whose sales surged following the shooting death of Elizalde in November.

Valentine's Day traditionally marks a high sales period for Latin music. The last time a regional Mexican album had a stronger debut was February 2005, when Grupo Montez de Durango's "Y Sigue La Mata Dando" moved 32,000 units its first week.