Rapper Nas has joined forces with 310 Global Brands--the marketing and merchandising arm of 310 Motoring--to create a footwear line, DISCIPLE Footwear Collection by 310. DISCIPLE, named after the artist's signature ID and album ("Street's Disciple"), is scheduled to debut in specialty shops in June.

Nas appreciates 310 because the company's philosophy is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach. "It's about customization, expressing your own personal style." He adds that DISCIPLE is borne out of this same spirit. "I'm excited to design styles that respect that we are not all the same...We're here to celebrate our diversity, our roots, our history."

310 Motoring founder Marc Laidler, meanwhile, is a fan of Nas' street credibility. "Everything Nas does is with style and authenticity," Laidler notes. "[His] credentials are in sync with 310's true style."

Nas's partnership with 310 arrives on the heals of the release of his latest album "Hip Hop Is Dead" (Def Jam/Columbia/IDJMG).

DISCIPLE is 310's second signature celebrity collection. Last year, 310 partnered with The Game for his Hurricane from 310 line of footwear.