MySpace is the social networking site of choice among rock radio listeners, according to a Web survey conducted by Jacobs Media. The survey was taken in late February/early March with more than 25,000 respondents across 69 different rock-formatted stations.

Among the entire sample, four in ten are visitors/participants on MySpace (39%), one-fourth of respondents (24%) mentioned -- with the strongest participation coming from women and 25-54 year-olds -- followed distantly by Facebook (8%) and (6%).

For alternative fans, MySpace is the leader far and away. Nearly two-thirds (64%) have some participation on MySpace, 21% use and 17% use Facebook.

Among mainstream rockers MySpace also dominates. Half (49%) are either active or more casual participants, while about a quarter use (26%) and 10% use Facebook.

The study also found that social networking sites are the catalysts for first-time personal encounters.

Overall, 27% of those familiar with these types of sites say they have met someone personally after first communicating online. These face-to-face meetings are especially common among 18-34 year-olds, one-third of which have gotten together with someone they first communicated with on one of these sites.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed described themselves as active participants on social networking sites, while one-third say they are better described as more casual users. By a small margin, women are somewhat more active on these sites, while 18-34s are especially apt to be regular participants.

Nearly half (46%) of the 25-54s participate on these sites at one level or another as well.

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