The American Assn. of Independent Music (AAIM) has leant its voice to the Future of Music Coalition's Rock the Net campaign in favor of net neutrality. A host of indie labels and artists, including Bloodshot, Merge, Ted Leo and El-P, have already aligned with the cause.

The Rock the Net campaign was launched to educate the music community on net
neutrality, which supports the belief that broadband service providers should not be allowed to discriminate against Internet content, applications or services by offering preferential treatment. The AAIM, which counts more than 200 members, including Epitaph, Sub Pop and Concord, among others, noted that the independent community benefits from net neutrality in that its music is largely not represented on mainstream radio outlets.

Additionally, AAIM's statement called attention to the fact that Internet play provides labels and artists a performance royalty that terrestrial radio is exempt from playing. "Presently, the strong demand for Independent music is not being adequately provided through terrestrial radio -- meaning consumers now have to go to non-terrestrial services to get the music they want," read AAIM's statemt. "But importantly, a key difference is that all the music used on non-terrestrial services is actually paid for, with the artists and record labels being compensated appropriately for their performance rights."

"A tiered web which discriminates against consumers is a step in the wrong direction," the statement continued. "To that end, A2IM calls on its members, and all those who recognize the potential dangers of charging for having their websites load faster, to join the campaign and sign the petition to promote the principle of network neutrality."