A panel of Latin teens told a Billboard Latin Music Conference audience Tuesday that they rely mostly on radio to discover new artists, and on illegal downloads to get single tracks -- but that they're willing to pay up for concert tickets and even CD's for the artists they love.

The eleven bilingual, bicultural teens between the ages of 13 and 17 on the mun2-sponsored panel cited reggaeton and pop as favorites, with commercial radio (in Spanish and English), MySpace and reality television as major sources for music discovery.

Passion for the artist and availability of extra content seemed to govern teens' decision to buy CDs. Several teens purchased Beyonce's B'Day Deluxe Edition for its extra Spanish tracks and video content; one boy paid $115 for a Beyonce concert ticket. "It has to do with how much you love the artist," he said.

Almost all the teens said they used services like Limewire and emp3finder.com, but also MTV's Urge service. And though they knew free downloads are illegal, few seemed to grasp the ethical implications when confronted by the music industry adults in the audience. One teen even suggested a solution: 10 percent off concert tickets with a legal album purchase.

A parent of one of the teens pointed out that besides being free and convenient, illegal downloading is a social activity that doesn't require a parent's credit card-or permission. "There's no repercussions," the mom admitted. "It's something they do on their own, that they don't need us for."