The RIAA sent its fourth wave of letters to universities today, asking administrators to forward the 402 pre-litigation settlement proposals to the individuals using campus networks to illegally share music files.

As part of the deterrence and education initiative, begun in February, the RIAA plans to send hundreds of pre-lawsuit letters each month. If the individuals do not resolve the claims within 20 days, the major labels intend to file lawsuits, according to an RIAA spokesperson.

The letters sent today went to 13 universities: Brandeis University (15 letters); Duke University (35); Iowa State University (15); Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (23); Northern Illinois University (50)' Syracuse University (20); Tufts University (15); University of Georgia (19); University of Iowa (25); University of Southern California (50); University of South Florida (50); University of Tennessee (50); and the University of Texas - Austin (35).

"With record companies embracing digital distribution models of every kind, there is more legal music available now than ever before," said Steven Marks, executive VP/general counsel for the RIAA. "For students, many of these high-quality music options are available at deeply discounted rates -- or even free. Yet, for one reason or another, theft on college campuses continues at disproportionately high levels. We will continue to educate fans of all ages, but deterrence is equally important. Students must understand that there are consequences for their illegal actions."