David Banner's "That Crook'd Sipp," a cartoon loosely based on the rapper's life, debuts May 13 at 12:15 a.m. on the Cartoon Network.

The Mississippi native plays the main character, a young progressive black man named Virgil who tells the story of The Beauregards - a white family trapped in the 1800's in Mississippi but living in 2007.

"'Crook'd Sipp' deals with societal issues of the day and allows me as a rapper to use another avenue to get the word out on issues that they may not have a chance to do through sound recordings," said Banner via a statement.

In the cartoon, his character owns a couple of restaurants in a town called Sweet Tea and manages a music group called The Sweet Tea Monsters. The group is set to record a real-life album to be released as an added bonus to the series.

As for choosing to set the cartoon in his hometown, Banner believes "Mississippi is one of the best states as far as race relations is concerned, because Mississippi is more honest about how they feel about each other."

Banner, who made his acting debut in this year's "Black Snake Moan," is currently in the studio working on a new album.