A new JupiterResearch report finds that music content will buck the trend and generate significant online revenues in the years to come, while other forms of media will largely be free.

By 2011, only 14% of European consumers acquiring media via digital outlets will actually pay for it, the group says.

"The Internet remains a predominately free, advertising supported medium," says JupiterMedia analyst Mark Mulligan in the report. "The vast majority of online content and services will not pay. There is a clear need for content owners to explore ways in which they can explicitly share in advertising revenues to offset modest direct revenues online and to ready elusive, typically young, non-paying audiences."

The music and games categories, however, will generate the most direct revenue from online distribution, with $9.2 billion and 1.3 billion respectively.

Collectively, music and games will account for 60% of all direct revenue gained in Europe by 2011, the company predicts.