High-end denim fashion manufacturer and distributor Blue Holdings and Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am have partnered to create the i.am Antik brand.

I.am Antik will focus on premium denim fashions and will be sold in
specialty stores and department stores. It is scheduled to debut in
August, and complements Blue Holdings' Antik Denim Collection.

Blue Holdings CEO Paul Guez says he approached will.i.am -- who attended the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles prior to forming BEP -- because, unlike most celebrities who want their own clothing lines, will.i.am is an actual designer.

Guez adds that will.i.am "will be intimately involved in all aspects of the design and marketing process."

Will.i.am concurs, adding that he wants to launch and market the clothes in a manner that combines music and fashion. "I want to design the line and score it the way a composer scores a film and tour the collection like a band will tour an album," he says.