Rihanna: “Good Girl Gone Bad”
Producers: various
Def Jam
Release Date: June 5

"Ring the Alarm," Beyoncé's disgruntled-female anthem of 2006, was designed to take the normally tame vocalist out of her comfort zone and reveal her aggression. Rihanna's third album, "Good Girl Gone Bad," is like that times 10. The Barbados-bred singer eschews her signature Island-flavored joints, opting for poppy anthems and upbeat grooves. Playing the aggressor, she urges fellas to "Push Up on Me" and to "stand under my umbe-re-lla" on the Jay-Z-featuring single. Focusing more on catchy hooks and Fergie-style chants than lyrics helps disguise her vocal limitations. In keeping with her mischievous theme, she launches into woman-scorned mode on cuts like the supercharged "Breakin' Dishes" and the haunting title track. While this newfound hostility is very much calculated, "Good Girl" is a solid pop/R&B effort that should raise Rihanna's standing. --Clover Hope