The BPI has joined forces with the Strathclyde Police to launch a probe into illegal music file-sharing at Scotland-based engineering group Honeywell.

The investigation, which kicked in yesterday (June 28), following two months of preliminary inquiries triggered by a Honeywell employee who supplied the BPI with ample evidence of illegal peer-to-peer music distribution at the company.

Other members of staff are "assisting the police with their inquiries," the BPI said in a statement issue today.

"File-sharing music in the workplace is illegal, misuses company resources, wastes employees' time and introduces network security risks," said BPI CEO Geoff Taylor in the statement.

"Uploading music files to a company computer network for other employees to download is a serious offence. File-sharing music without permission, whether you are on the Internet at home or in the office, is illegal and can carry still penalties," he added.