Mobile phone manufacturer Samsung has teamed with MusicNet to offer a portable music subscription service designed specifically for select handsets.

Compatible phones must have the Samsung Media Studio software installed to access the service. The "SMS" software is a proprietary media player developed by Samsung specific to such devices as the K3, K5, T9 and Z5 models.

The mobile music subscription service will go live first in France, Germany and then UK.

Customers in France and Germany will have unlimited access to some 2.6 million tracks for 15 euros ($20.40 US) a month, while UK subscribers get 3 million tracks for 10.25 pounds ($ 20.60 US) a month. Users can also purchase individual tracks for 1.15 ($1.60) euro or 79 pence ($ 1.60 US), respectively.

Unlike the U.S., customers in Europe buy their mobile phones from the manufacturer, and decide on a wireless operator afterwards. This allows the manufacturer to offer services themselves.

In the U.S., the wireless operator sells the phone, which is locked for use only
on the network of the operator selling it. As such, it is unlikely we'll see the Samsung music service on these shores anytime soon.