MTV Latin America and Smirnoff are partnering for a pan-regional talent competition in which the best unsigned musical act wins a recording contract and a music fan wins a trip to Smirnoff-sponsored nightlife events around the world.

As part of the "La Zona de Combate" contest, 16 bands from 13 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean will be chosen from profiles uploaded to MTV Latin America's social networking site, From there, the acts will perform elimination gigs in regional hub cities: Guadalajara, Mexico; Bogota, Colombia; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The regional winners will face off in Mexico City the night before the Los Premios MTV Latin America awards show airs. The winning band will walk the red carpet at the Oct. 18 awards show and win a $50,000 recording contract with a to-be-announced record label.

In addition to the band contest, music fans can enter to win tickets to the "Zona de Combate" gigs and to the Mexico City finals, where one fan will be chosen to represent Latin America as part of the "Smirnoff Global Ten," a group of people selected to visit bars, nightclubs, festivals and Smirnoff-branded events in 19 countries.