Insiders are buzzing about Beth Hart. Not only because she sounds better than ever but also because she and her manager Dave Wolf are thinking outside the box. Her new album, "37 Days," was recorded in just that amount of time, but not in a traditional studio.

It was recorded at Center Staging, a music and TV production facility in Burbank, under the microscope of high-def cameras. So every track has a video of her recording it -- raw in a way that's true to Hart's rock 'n' roll grit. The editors got so into it that the videos consist of the exact takes that were included on the album. She also recorded acoustic versions of each song as well.

It is a perfect marriage of audio and visual for the multiplatform world we live in (did I hear you say mobisodes?). But most inspiring is how good the music is. Hart finally has found her true voice, and she belts out songs like few women of her generation can. And fans are responding. The first single, "Good as It Gets," released on Universal Denmark, has hit No. 1 in that country.

The project is a joint venture between Wolf/Hart and Center Staging. Interestingly enough, this is a new business model for Center Staging: take a well-known artist with a fan base, let them record in their facility, do a joint venture and get music to the public. Not a bad idea. On Wednesday, Center Staging is doing an industry showcase of the project, not only for labels but also for nontraditional retailers.