Nettwerk Music Group GM Brent Muhle said today (Aug. 20) that there’s nothing controversial about the label’s decision to work with Lime Wire LLC, a company best known for creating software that allows computer users to take music for free.

“We are very open-minded when it comes to these sorts of deals and I don’t think we’re rooted in the past,” said Muhle. “Lime Wire came to us because they knew they could have an open conversation.”

Lime Wire announced last week that it would be launching a stand-alone music service that links into the LimeWire client software. The Vancouver, B.C.-based Nettwerk—which is best known for releasing the music of Sarah McLachlan—and Iris Distribution were announced as the first partners in the deal.

Muhle wouldn’t disclose the terms of the label’s deal, but indicated it was a “standard” arrangement for Nettwerk, and included a three-year term with Lime Wire. He said Lime Wire could eventually have access to up to 4,000 albums released by Nettwerk, but the label typically rolls out its catalog in stages. That means Lime Wire will first be able to sell Nettwerk’s top 100 selling albums, after which the service may gain access to a broader catalog.

Muhle said Nettwerk had been in discussions with Lime Wire for about a year. Lime Wire’s application is immensely popular, with some estimates suggesting its file-sharing software is on up to 20 percent of all home computers.

Nettwerk, and its outspoken founder Terry McBride, have taken a controversial stance on free downloading over the past few years, including offering to pay the legal costs and fines for a Texas family accused by the Recording Industry Association of America of stealing music through file-sharing services.

Lime Wire has also been at the center of legal action by the RIAA, with the music industry claiming the company encourages individuals to freely trade music and ignore copyrights. Lime Wire has since launched its own lawsuit against the RIAA.