Russell Simmons is kicking off this year's Fall fashion season with Russell Simmons Argyle Culture, a new menswear collection aimed at the over-25 crowd. The collection combines urban aesthetics with professional and preppy attires and is smaller in fit.

"Were going to infuse fashion into Argyle Culture through color, texture and subtle details, "said Kevin Saer, VP of design. "We're taking houndstooth and herringbone, and identifying with argyle. We're actually weaving specific fabrics like argyle herringbone and argyle houndstooth."

"There are a huge group of consumers who are not young men any longer and don't shop in the young men's space," adds Simmons, "but, still want to remain part of the urban lifestyle."

Among other pieces, Argyle Culture features a classic five-pocket denim silhouette recreated through suiting materials like wool, cotton blends and pinstripes.

Simmons also founded urban fashion line Phat Farm in 1992.