is launching its first-ever branded music tour this fall with headliners Say Anything and Hellogoodbye. Kicking off Oct. 16 at the ShowBox in Seattle, the all-ages MySpace Music Tour will stop off in more than 30 venues through Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas.

MySpace Records artist Polysics, from Japan, has been tapped as support and organizers are promising other "special guests" that have "a good MySpace following" along the way. Hellogoodbye and Say Anything have garnered over 23 million profile views between them on the social networking site.

Tickets go on sale Sept. 6 to the general public, though users will have a chance to purchase starting Aug. 31.

"We were looking for artists that appealed most to our audiences," says Kelley Electa, executive director of promotion and events for Myspace. "Our brand is well-known for music and this is a unique opportunity to bring bands with strong following on our site directly to their fans."

More information on the tour, which is co-sponsored by Extreme Style V05, will be posted on the tour's MySpace Web site. The stint is the first part of an entire MySpace touring series, with the next leg to set off next spring. According to Electa, the style of music, type of events and sponsors will vary with every new offering of the series.

As previously reported on, MySpace Records has entered into its own touring opportunity with Tankfarm Clothing Future Sounds. Swedish pop-rock group Shout Out Louds are taking to the road with Johnossi and MySpace Records signee Nico Vega throughout October and part of November.