Rick Rubin has a lot of things to say about producing hit records and working with the industry's top start in this New York Times Magazine profile, but some of his more interesting insights relate to the digital future of the music business.

"This model is done," he says about the current way record labels make money, citing a teen focus group that found young people don't listen to radio and acquire music primarily form P2P services.

His prescription: the major labels need to get on the same page and consistently promote a new, subscription-based business model, or just cede the entire business to the technology industry as it already has done to a degree with Apple.

"Either all the record companies will get together or the industry will fall apart and someone like Microsoft will come in and buy one of the companies at wholesale sand do what needs to be done," he says in the article. "The future technology companies will either wait for the rerecord companies to smarten up, or they'll let them sink until they can buy them for 10 cents on the dollar and won the whole thing."