Grandmaster Flash will release his first studio album in a decade next year, on U.K. label Strut. The seminal label, which was liquidated in 2003, is getting revived after an acquisition by !K7 Records Label Group. Flash's own Adrenaline City Entertainment helped ink the deal.

"It's a dream come true," Flash told exclusively. " Adrenaline City Entertainment is linked with a label that has meant so much to so many people for so many years. I get to do something that is equally as joyful as DJ-ing, and that is producing."

In operation for only four years, Strut helped document key moments in dance and hip-hop history that would have otherwise been lost. Compilation series like "Club Africa" (an Afrobeat collection), and "Disco Not Disco" (documenting the original dance/punk movement), curated by Strut founder Quinton Scott, helped establish the influence of below-the-radar artists. Scott is back at the helm for Strut's return.

The label will relaunch in January 2008 with a full schedule of releases, including new collections, studio albums, and re-releases of its classic compilations.