Gerardo Ramirez, former keyboardist of regional Mexican band K-Paz de la Sierra, has launched his new group, AK7, after announcing his split with K-Paz earlier this year. Ramirez, plus other ex-members of K-Paz, make up AK7, who will release their first album, "El Avión de las Tres," on Univision Records in October. The album is produced by Joel Solis and Eusebio Cortés, former members of Los Bukis.

K-Paz continues to exist, headed by lead vocalist Sergio Gómez, who retained ownership of the group's name. K-Paz became one of the most successful groups in the duranguense subgenre of regional Mexican music, consistently selling upwards of 200,000 copies of their albums, according to its label, Disa.

K-Paz's split earlier this year follows that of another duranguense group, Montez de Durango, which separated in 2006. Group founder José Luis Terrazas kept Montez de Durango's name while primary vocalist Alfredo Ramirez exited and launched Los Creadorez. Both bands are signed to Disa.