- Community-based digital music service Mercora has changed its name and web domain to Social.fm. The service allows users to stream music from other users in a sort of Internet-radio format on both computers and certain mobile phones.

- EMI's Angel Music Group converted its Web site into an online A&R demo submission system, allowing artists to upload MP3s of their music to the label for consideration. The system is very much like a social network, in that artists can create custom profiles and allow others visiting the site to stream their music, as well as add tour dates and multimedia content. A measurement tool tracks which songs posted are more popular, and the top 10 will be reviewed by the label's A&R director.

- Microsoft won patent approval for a digital watermarking technology designed to track unprotected music files to their original owners. The watermark can be used to both deter unauthorized file sharing, as well as track copyright owners for royalty payments. According to Microsoft, the watermark is supposedly more difficult for hackers to remove.

- Yet another iPhone hack has made its way to the Internet, this time from a group calling itself the iPhone Dev Team/ Called iUnlock, the free code is available via several Internet sites.

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