The iLike application for Facebook went live just this past May, but already it's generating more fan participation for some artists than MySpace, according to an article on VentureBeat.

Of the 11 randomly chosen topline acts surveyed, five have more fans signed up to their iLike profile than their MySpace one. They include Matchbox Twenty, Modest Mouse, Nickelback, Third Eye Blind and Kanye West. Others artists are about even between the sites.

What that means is rather vague at this point. The demographics of Facebook users are a bit different than that of MySpace, so much of the disparity could be a matter of targeting the right fanbase on the right platform. But some of it may also be due to the greater interactivity Facebook offers iLike users, such as the ability to buy concert tickets and iTunes files based on links from other users.

Meanwhile, according to data from research firm Compete, Facebook is gaining on MySpace in terms of both pageviews and user engagement. Facebook pageviews grew 5% to 15.7 million at the end of August, while MySpace's fell 20% to 67.7 million. Unique users on Facebook jumped 10% to 26.2 million, with MySpace growing only 1% to 69.3 million.