Dutch Fiscal and Economic Police officials are disassembling a pirate disc factory in the city of Velddriel after a raid on Tuesday yielded illicit CDs and copying hardware.

The FIOD-ECD raid followed forensic investigations led by the IFPI, and a complaint made by BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy group. One suspect was arrested during the operation, while a DVD press with the capacity to manufacture 900 DVDs each hour was confiscated.

"This raid shows that in 2007 physical piracy continues to damage the entertainment industries," says John Kennedy, chairman and CEO of IFPI.

Tim Kuik, director of BREIN, adds: "This action shows that piracy of physical CDs and DVDs is still an illegal and profitable business in the Netherlands and a big problem for film and music producers even if internet piracy gets more headlines."

The IFPI says evidence suggests the press originated from a once-legitimate DVD plant which has since been declared bankrupt. The illegal product created by the facility was likely distributed through individuals in schools, workplaces, bars and on the street, according to the IFPI.