MSG Entertainment's New York venues are getting a brand new digital image. The company has revealed that Web sites for Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre have been newly resigned, while a brand new site has been built for the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

The recently launched redesigns include expanded artist content and event information, music video clips, a new blog, photos, virtual venue tours and merchandise for select events. The new interactive pages are part of an effort to increase online traffic and sell more tickets to concert and sporting events at each facility.

"We want to be that first stop for people who want to come to our venues," Scott Richman, senior VP and GM for MSG Interactive, tells "These sites are far more program and consumption oriented, and will help to sell and market shows more effectively."

"Success will be measured on how many ticket transactions we do, and also how much time people spend on the sites," he continues.

As part of the strategy to drive ticket purchases, online users will be given multiple options to do so while browsing. "We want to create that interface at whatever point they are in that (browsing) experience," he explains. "We were able to do that through these new sites."

And to help users "associate with our buildings and the experience we provide," Richman says that pre- and post-concert pages will be displayed, allowing visitors to interact directly with each venue's site. "Then users who went to that event will have a place to comment and share photos and memories of it," he says. "We're trying to cultivate that community experience."

To keep users browsing for longer periods of time, each site will include in-depth artist information and music video clips provided by various Web sites and media partners. "We may pull things from Wikipedia, AOL Music or Yahoo," Richman says. "We want to be able to curate a great experience so people find value in our sites."

The redesigned sites will also be linked to MSG's new blog, Check the Monitor, which offers entertainment news and event updates throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. "The blog gives us an opportunity to create more editorial hooks into our pages and provide more opinion and point of view," Richman says, noting that coverage will not be limited only to MSG-affiliated events.

MSG Interactive is also working on the launch of an e-newsletter that will expand beyond the online platform to wireless users who wish to be alerted about upcoming events and ticket onsales.

Along with overseeing digital initiatives for MSG Entertainment venues, MSG Interactive also oversees digital and wireless platforms for basketball's New York Knicks and Liberty, as well as hockey's New York Rangers.

As such, the company is able to cross promote events from site to site. "So we become a very viable marketing platform for advertisers, promoters and artists," Richman says.