Sirius and XM satellite radio companies are coming under the FCC spotlight for producing and distributing inferior radio receivers and for placing terrestrial repeaters in unapproved locations, and could face fines according to FCC chairman Kevin Martin.

During a chat with reporters, following a broadcasters' breakfast Q & A session at the NAB Radio Show, Martin said the receivers in question were marketed by both companies in 2005-06 and he stressed that the receivers have not been available to consumers for more than a year. It is unclear whether the problem receivers are continuing to interfere with other radio signals. Both satcasters brought the problems to the FCC's attention when the problems arose.

In another instance, some of the terrestrial repeaters have been discovered placed miles away from where the FCC was told the repeater was installed. Martin also said fines for that are also under review at the commission.

Meanwhile, Martin said the commission "will continue to enforce the current indecency rules. I will encourage technology to further empower parents and consumers to be able to pick and choose a la cart programming. That solves a lot of problems and gives listeners and viewers more control over what comes into their homes."