AT&T extended it's partnership with Napster to include an over-the-air, full-song download service that provides the wireless operators’ customers to the entire Napster catalog of 5 million tracks.

The Napster Mobile service looks very much like the one AT&T announced last month with eMusic. Customers can buy individual songs for $2 each or buy a five-pack of tracks for $7.50. Those buying songs from their phone will be sent an e-mail with a link to download the same song from their PC, and will have to download the Napster software to acquire their songs.

Phones supporting the service can also store and play subscription music tracks transferred from Napster subscribers’ PCs, although customers do not have to be Napster customers to use the service.

Noticeably lacking is a subscription tier. The Napster Mobile service does not offer unlimited downloads for a flat monthly rate like the PC-based version of the Napster service.

However the move puts AT&T on par with competitors Sprint and Verizon Wireless, both of which have offered a full-song download service for close to two years now. AT&T's first foray into mobile music came last fall, when it introduced phones supporting sideloading of subscription music from Napster, Rhapsody and Yahoo Music. It followed up last month with its first OTA deal via eMusic, offering eMusic's catalog of DRM-free independent music.

Napster Mobile brings AT&T the largest catalog of music available from any wireless operator in the U.S., as well as a partnership with a known digital music brand. AT&T also becomes the ninth operator to adopt the Napster Mobile platform, and by far is the company’s largest operator partner to date.

The Napster Mobile launch is the main element of a broader AT&T music push that also includes a mobile video service called MobiVJ, provided by partner MobiTV. The service allows users to select up to eight music video channels, organized by genre, for $7 a month. Fans watching any of the videos can immediately choose to buy the full song, ringtone or wallpaper image from links within the service.

AT&T also added a VIP Access application, that offers artist biographies, new music samples, and news alerts for $3 a month.

To promote the launch, AT&T is offering exclusive content from Matchbox 20 including music from the new album “Exile on Mainstream,” live concert performances, and ringtone options.