MTV is getting into the lyrics game, both online and on TV. The music TV broadcaster is adding a music lyrics search tool using data from Gracenote, which also powers the Yahoo Music lyrics page launched earlier this summer.

MTV's version will display not only the song information about searched-for lyrics, but also multimedia artist info, trivia games and links to buy the song, presumably through MTV's joint venture with Rhapsody.

The effort extends to the mobile phone as well. Users can text in a few lines of lyrics and get a response with a link to a mobile Web site listing the artist and song information.

On MTV's cable channels, a new "Name That Tune" series will soon premiere on all its main music channels, and other programs will begin incorporating more details about song lyrics and artists' inspiration for songs, although details are shot at this time as to exactly what that will entail.

The company did not mention whether the new lyrics focus will extend to the Rhapsody service of which MTV's Urge division is now a part. Most digital music services allow users to search for tracks by name, artist or album. Few allow them to search by song lyric.

Yahoo's service, for instance, operates completely independently of its Music Unlimited service.