Two men were arrested Monday on conspiracy to defraud the music and film industries after a chance encounter with British police.

Police from Durham Constabulary interviewed the men after spotting that their car had no insurance.

Subsequent raids on the suspects' homes revealed an estimated 30,000 discs comprising music, films, TV series and computer games. Several Xboxes were also confiscated, as were recording equipment, toner cartridges and around £500 ($1,000) in cash.

"More often than not counterfeiters are active in other areas of crime, and cross-agency co-operation is essential in bringing music thieves to justice," comments BPI anti-piracy manager David Wood in a statement.

Kieron Sharp, director general of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), added: "Film piracy is a crime that attracts serious and organised criminals who are seeking to amass substantial profits."

FACT is a member of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, which this year kicked off a multi-million pound "Knock-off Nigel" media campaign, aimed at dissuading would-be pirates.