Three new charts have debuted on the Radio y Música weekly e-mail, an electronic product from Radio & Records geared to the Latin community. The new charts -- Pop en Español, Popular (regional Mexican) and Nacional (all genres including English-language records) -- detail the radio airplay happening in Mexico and are provided by Nielsen Music Control, which monitors stations in that country.

In addition, BDS is set to upgrade Mexico's monitoring system to NTECH, the same system BDS uses in the U.S. Once upgraded, Mexico will be joining BDS North America.

NTECH will give the Mexican music industry the same level of service and functionality that their colleagues who use the system in the U.S. enjoy. And all users will be able to see what's happening across every Latin radio station monitored by BDS.

The new system is expected to be up and running in Mexico at the end of
March 2008.

The move does not affect the calculations of the U.S. charts appearing in
Billboard or Radio & Records. The Nielsen Music Control charts from Mexico
are audience-based, but the Radio y Musica product also includes information
on plays.