A Colombian concert promoter is suing Mexican pop group RBD and the group's U.S. concert promotion reps over a series of canceled tour dates in August.

The lawsuit was instigated by Bogota-based Shows Business and Entertainment against RBD, its Los Angeles, Calif.-based promoter Roptus Inc. and Roptus CEO Guillermo Rosas, and was filed Nov. 21 in the federal court in Miami.

According to the suit, a contract signed in July by Rosas and Shows BE owner Juan Pablo Ospina Gardeazabal called for RBD to perform shows in Medellin, Manizales, Bogota and Barranquilla, beginning Aug. 16.

The suit says Roptus was guaranteed a minimum payment of $1,000,000 for the four concerts, or 85% of the profits from ticket sales, whichever amount was greater.

Shows BE claims it began to pay Roptus according to the contractually agreed-upon schedule of $500,000 by Aug. 9 and $500,000 by Aug. 21.

The Colombian company says it had wired Roptus $400,000 before the first due date, but received a communication from Roptus Aug. 6 in which it "unilaterally altered the terms of the contract" by moving up the due date for the next instalment of $500,000 to Aug. 10.

Citing a breach of contract, Shows BE refused to make any more upfront payments to Roptus, but says it incurred an additional $700,000 in promotional and organizational costs in promoting the canceled dates.

RBD didn't make the trip to Colombia for the shows, but the suit accuses Rosas of violating the contract's confidentiality clause by making statements on Colombian radio blaming the local promoter for failure to make payments and improperly organizing the concerts.

Roptus officials declined to comment publicly as of press time. An August press release from Roptus announcing the shows' cancellation said, "the most important thing is the quality of the show...Unfortunately, problems presented themselves that prevented the shows that were going to be held in the next few days from counting on the infrastructure and quality to which the public and RBD are accustomed."

RBD re-scheduled the remaining fall U.S. dates of its "Tour Celestial 2007," and will return with its "Empezar Desde Cero" tour beginning at the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, Tex. on Feb. 15.